Super Cup | The reusable cup with handle

The Super Cup is a special reusable cup with a handle. Its special design allows the handles to be slotted into each other. This makes it possible to carry up to four drinks in one hand. Bar and drinks sales run faster as a result and queues are shorter.

The plastic cup is made of high-quality polypropylene and impresses with its stability.

The plastic cup with handle is available in various sizes from 0.3 l to 1.0 l. The large filling volume makes the Super Cup ideal as a beer cup at events.

Minimum quantities:

  • Screen printing from 500 cups
  • IML photo printing from 3000 cups
  • Unprinted from 112 cups

Materials used

Polypropylene (PP) - transparent

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Special features of the Super Cup

Maximum carrying comfort

Sturdy handle

Space-saving and stackable

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We can custom-print your Super Cup on request! We provide the following printing technologies:

  • Screen printing from 500 cups
  • IML photo printing from 5,000 cups 

Download printing guidelines

Helpful tips for creating your own print data, as well as information about printable print image sizes:

Sizes and dimensions

Sizes Ø top Ø bottom Height
0,3 l 72 mm 51 mm 140 mm
0,4 l 86 mm 61 mm 134 mm
0,5 l 84 mm 64 mm 166 mm
1,0 l 110 mm 87 mm 175 mm

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