Reusable plastic tableware

Buy or rent reusable tableware from the market leader

Cup Concept develops and produces reusable plastic tableware for purchase and rent. The range includes plastic tableware in various sizes and designs. There is also an option to print the reusable tableware individually. We offer reusable plastic take-away tableware and solutions for the catering industry.

In the production and development of the reusable tableware, Cup Concept draws on years of expertise in the reusable sector. The focus is on continuous optimization and further technological developments.

Printed reusable tableware from Cup Concept

Your reusable tableware is produced and printed in the heart of Europe.

On request, we will professionally print and personalise your reusable plastic tableware.

Pad printing

Pad printing

The pad printing process enables the transfer of the finest lines and intricate motifs onto convex, concave and uneven surfaces.

This printing process is particularly suitable for

  • reusable tableware
  • uneven surfaces 
  • lettering 
  • finest lines and intricate motifs 

How pad printing works: 

In the pad printing process, the motif is laser etched onto a plate, referred to as the cliché or image plate. The etched indentation in the cliché is filled with ink. Excess ink is wiped away with a scraper (similar to a blade in design) and removed, so only the ink inside the recess remains and the motif can be transferred correctly. A stamp made of silicone, also called a tampon, is pressed into the cavity and absorbs the remaining ink. It is very flexible and can thus adapt to any shape. The tampon is then pressed onto the reusable tableware, transferring the absorbed ink onto this material.

Advantages of Cup Concept reusable tableware

There are clear benefits for you in every area of our service. We know that reusable products bring profit and are sustainable at the same time. Our services are thought out down to the smallest detail. There are clear advantages, which we would like to make you aware of.

Made in Europe

Cup Concept reusable tableware is produced exclusively in Europe.

Our reusable tableware is produced in the heart of Europe. Printing of the reusable products also takes place here. Short production routes offer enhanced sustainability and ensure rapid delivery times.  

Sustainable reusable tableware

Interlocking processes are environmentally very efficient.

A total solution from consulting, financing, production and logistics to efficient reusable dishwashing is sensible and saves time, money and resources. This makes our reusable solutions sustainable.

Innovative features

CUP CONCEPT reusable tableware combines several special features.

Our plastic tableware is dishwasher safe, scratch resistant, break resistant and safe. This sophisticated tableware is durable, keeps its shape well and is quality assured. 

Hygienic cleaning of reusable tableware

Our cleaning stations enable fast and hygienic washing of reusable tableware

We have a nationwide network of cleaning stations. These ensure reusable tableware is cleaned using state-of-the-art dishwashing technology specifically designed for cleaning reusable products.

Food-grade quality

We are always thinking outside the box when designing our range.

Tested products for maximum confidence. All our products comply with the legal requirements of the German Ordinance on Consumer Goods. Declarations of conformity are available.