Reusable plastic cups

Buy or rent reusable cups from the market leader

Cup Concept develops and produces a wide range of reusable plastic cups. You have the option of renting or buying reusable plastic cups. In addition to the choice of plain or printed reusable cups, we offer various models and sizes.

Choose from plastic cups with or without handles, designs for cold and hot drinks or special designs such as wine glasses, champagne glasses or cocktail cups made of plastic. The reusable cups are available with numerous volumes from 0.1 l to 1.0 l.

Cup Concept has years of expertise in the production of reusable cup systems. We focus on constantly developing the technologies we use.












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Printed plastic reusable cups from Cup Concept

Your reusable cups are produced and printed in the heart of Europe.

Almost the entire range of our plastic cups comes from our own production facility at our parent company FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Austria. It is a globally recognised company of experts, including in injection moulding technology, with its own design department. Our reusable cups are tested, well thought-out and durable.

We print your reusable cups professionally and make each cup an eye-catching object that is long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

Digital printing

With digital printing, we apply your motif directly to the reusable cup, without a carrier material or stencil. This saves time and costs and allows reusable cups to be printed in small quantities.

Digitally printed reusable cups are suitable for:

  • Photo-realistic motifs
  • Cup wrap motifs
  • CMYK or RGB colour composition
  • Small print runs
  • Fast deliveries

Cup types: All transparent Design Cups (material PP), except 0.1 l

Minimum order quantity: from 140 cups

How digital printing works: With digital printing, we print directly onto the reusable cup without a printing form, from the computer in the basic colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Generally speaking, printing round-shaped plastics is very challenging. CUP CONCEPT also attaches particular importance to colour brilliance, sharpness and the accuracy of fit of the printed results. To ensure this, a special printing machine was therefore designed for printing reusable cups. The printed reusable cups meet the requirements for the food industry.


Screen printing

Cup Concept screen prints deliver high-colour, glossy and well adhering printed images with a long life on printed reusable cups. The result is body screen prints of the highest technical and visual quality.

Screen printing is particularly suitable for:

  • Logos
  • Lettering
  • Simple, abstract motifs
  • Motifs with few strongly contrasting colours

Cup types: All, except SL Cup

Minimum order quantity:

  • Special designs from 300 cups
  • Standard cups from 500 cups

How screen printing works: With the screen printing process, printing ink is applied to the pre-produced cup through a screen which, depending on the motif, is permeable or impermeable to ink at the appropriate points. Different colours are printed one after the other.

IML photo printing

The IML photo printing process is a high-quality process that delivers high-colour, high-gloss and detailed printed images in excellent photo quality. The entire surface of the hard plastic cup can be printed using the IML photo printing process.

This printing method is particularly suitable for:

  • Photographs
  • Motifs with a wide range of colours
  • Full-surface printing of the entire cup

Cup types: All transparent cups (material PP), except Allround Cup

Minimum order quantity:

  • Design Cup from 3,000 cups
  • Others from 5,000 cups

How photo printing works: With the highly specialised manufacturing process optimised by CUP CONCEPT for reusable cups, the print motif is first printed flat onto a plastic film. This film is then inserted into the cup injection mould and subsequently bonds with the injected plastic material. The result is a smooth and rimless surface, and the printed image is firmly and permanently bonded to the cup. This process meets the hygienic requirements for printed reusable cups in the food sector.


Advantages of reusable cups from Cup Concept

The special features of Cup Concept's reusable cups

There are clear benefits for you in every area of our service. We know that reusable products bring profit and are sustainable at the same time. Our services are thought out down to the smallest detail. There are clear advantages, which we would like to make you aware of.

Sustainable reusable cups

Intermeshing processes are ecologically very efficient.

A comprehensive solution from consulting, financing, production and logistics to efficient reusable cup wash-up makes sense and saves time, money and resources. This makes our reusable cups sustainable.

Hygienic cleaning of the reusable cups

Our wash-up stations enable quick and hygienic cleaning of the reusable cups

We have a nationwide network of wash-up stations. There, the reusable cups are cleaned using state-of-the-art rinsing technology that is specially designed for cleaning plastic cups. Sophisticated processes allow the cups to dry completely and the reusable cups become hygienically clean.

Innovative properties

The CUP CONCEPT reusable cups combine a variety of special features.

The plastic cups are robust, resistant to breaking and scratches and dishwasher-safe. They can be used for a long time, retain their shape, have a high-quality finish and are of tested quality.

With the sophisticated design of the reusable cups, we are able to achieve certain characteristics. The Arena Cup ensures more safety in sports stadiums, for example.

Made in Europe

Cup Concept cups are exclusively produced in our own company in Germany and Austria.

The reusable cups are produced in the heart of Europe. The reusable cups are also printed here. The short production routes increase sustainability and ensure fast delivery times.