Origin and history of Cup Concept

Information about our company

Cup Concept recognized early on how important reusable solutions are in the event sector. The goal was to offer sustainable reusable solutions.

Through years of experience, Cup Concept is considered a reusable expert and is the market leader for reusable systems. Numerous event organizers, drinks manufacturers and stadiums trust the services and knowledge of Cup Concept.

The origin of Cup Concept

Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH was founded in 1993 and became the reusable pioneer for large events. In the meantime, the big players among drinks manufacturers, festival operators, and event organizers rely on Cup Concept's returnable cup products and comprehensive services.

Your reusable all-in-one solution

We have recognized that, in addition to high-quality reusable cups, an all-in-one reusable solution is profitable for event organizers. We support our customers with numerous services related to reusable cups and make it easier for them to switch from disposable to sustainable reusable solutions.

Expansion of international locations

The demand for reusable solutions is becoming bigger and so Cup Concept has been able to build up a large and steadily growing network over the years. In the meantime, Cup Concept has six locations in Germany. All locations are equipped with professional rinsing stations.

In addition to the locations in Germany, Cup Concept has also grown internationally. In recent years, subsidiaries have been added in Austria (Cup Concept Austria GmbH), Belgium (Cup Concept Belgium BV) and Nederland (Cup Concept Nederland B.V.)

We also have partners in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic.

The Cup Concept philosophy

We think green

Our deeply held convictions mean we are committed to ecologically sound reusable systems. The changing and ever more stringent requirements for environmental protection call for ongoing further development, especially in the plastics sector. The issue is close to our hearts and so we are constantly working on innovative solutions to make our reusable cups even more sustainable.

For vehicles in the company's internal fleet and rented delivery vehicles, preference is given to vehicles with EURO standard 6 that are equipped with soot particle filters or use AdBlue® or comparable technologies for exhaust gas purification.

Cups that can no longer be used are recycled. The recycled material is then usually used to make building materials and other higher-value products.

Our business papers are usually FSC certified and belong to the product group from model managed forests and other controlled origins.

Since the company was founded, the production of CUP CONCEPT reusable cups has taken place exclusively in Germany and in Austria (Vorarlberg). This ensures short distances from the production site to the CUP CONCEPT service stations and to our customers.

We offer a comprehensive reusable system

As a reusable cup manufacturer, the quality of workmanship of our products and the quality of the service delivered by our employees take highest priority.

Product innovations and creativity in our range of services, as well as quick responses to changing market requirements, are an ongoing process. Cup Concept can therefore continue to assert itself as the market leader in Europe.

The optimisation and modernisation of the technology and ecological criteria of our wash-up systems are constant accompanying factors.

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