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Cup Concept offers you a complete service and is your one-stop contact when it comes to reusable cups. Whether it be planning, production, printing, logistics or cleaning, our experts will give you professional advice. Our contacts are here for you at regional, national or international level.


Our professional field service team will visit and advise you personally to help create a customised reusable concept.

We can advise you on which reusable cup is best for your events. Working together, we will plan the ideal amount of reusable cups and create a logistics flowchart. The right printing on your cups can also be economically attractive. We calculate this for you. Benefit from our specialist expertise.

We implement your ideas efficiently and lucratively. Meet our team and let's start a partnership where organisers, visitors and the environment benefit.

We advise you on product selection and financing options, as well as the handling and logistics of your reusable cups. The Cup Concept experts will find the perfect solution for your needs.



Every event has its own demands. We offer a variety of tailor-made concepts that we adapt to your "reusable requirements". You have the option to rent unprinted reusable cups. You can also rent printed cups of well-known drinks brands and licensed brands.

Would you like to rent reusable cups? For cup rental, Cup Concept will be happy to put together a tailor-made quote for the rental of plastic cups. Whether it's for a large event, temporary catering or smaller events. The possibilities are many and varied.

  • Flexible choice of different cup types, sizes and quantities from our range.
  • Self-collection at one of our locations or delivery/collection service by us.
  • For major events, we provide vehicles and personnel for relevant logistics and on-site services.
  • Cleaning of rented cups


We have special, tried and tested solutions for a wide variety of events or purposes. For customers small and large. Reusable is always sensible, but we also make it profitable. Choose the right solution for you from a wide range of reusable cups. In addition to standard cups, we offer various special designs such as wine glasses, champagne glasses or plastic beer glasses for sale. 

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Printed reusable cups are extremely popular and comparatively inexpensive fan merchandise. With us you can buy printed reusable cups even from a small order quantity.

Customer pool cups

We will be happy to look after your own stock of Cup Concept reusable cups for you in all respects. We advise you on the required quantity and cup design, take care of all the logistics and also the cleaning of your reusable cups. The quality of your cups is checked regularly.

With a clever deposit system, we are able to maintain your stock of cups without you having to invest in inventory on a regular basis. This protects your budget and frees you from many organisational issues surrounding your customised reusable cups. Cup Concept acts as your outsourcing partner here and gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business.


Your reusable cups are produced and printed in the heart of Europe. We print your reusable cups professionally and make each cup an eye-catching object that is long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

The right printing technique depends on various criteria and is a decisive factor for the success of your chosen reusable cup concept. Working with you, we check these criteria and print reusable cups using the best possible process. Choose from screen printing, digital printing or photo printing technologies. If you are not sure which printing technique is right for your order, you can use our quote request. We will contact you for a personal consultation.


Customer reference

Wash-up service

Special, easily accessible wash-up stations guarantee a reliable reusable cup wash-up service. We can handle events on a large scale and wash reusable cups sustainably and hygienically using state-of-the-art technology.

After the event, the cups are transported to the wash-up centres, where the reusable cup wash-up service is then carried out.

Each Cup Concept service station is equipped with a state-of-the-art large dishwashing system featuring the latest dishwashing technology. These are specially developed for cleaning plastic reusable cups. A range of intelligent concepts and control mechanisms optimises cleaning and hygiene performance and allows our large dishwashers to work sustainably and efficiently.

Our large dishwashing systems exhibit the highest performance with the lowest consumption values at the same time:

  • Lowest water consumption
  • Over 30% less energy consumption
  • Over 30% less cleaning product consumption
  • Lowest exhaust air emissions and exhaust air temperatures
  • Significantly reduced amount of water to be dried

Cup Concept operates six service stations in Germany, one station in Austria and one location in Belgium. Together with our international partners, this forms a cross-border network of wash-up centres. This also makes our concept consistently sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Logistics service and storage

6 locations in Germany, one location in Austria and Belgium as well as international partners wash and store reusable cups for you throughout Europe.

Our perfectly positioned and networked branches are each a wash-up centre, storage and rental station. This means that, with Cup Concept cups, you have access to a wide network of logistics locations. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles and our own employees, we are reliable and flexible. We are also able to accompany major tours throughout Europe.

Delivery of reusable cups

You can collect your rental cups yourself from one of our service stations or use our reusable cup delivery service. This means that we offer a reliable delivery and collection service with our own fleet of vehicles and staff. 


Special pool solutions for your particular requirements: in addition to production and logistics, we also take care of storage, administration and inventory management of your reusable cups.* Acquisition of cups printed according to your wishes.* On request, delivery of the cups to the desired venue.* After the event, we take back the cups, clean them professionally and store them again.


On-site additional services

With competence and expertise from many years of experience with the biggest music festivals in the German-speaking countries and mega-events such as football World and European Championships, we offer optional services for major events.

The scope of services is adapted to the individual requirements of your event. This is how we guarantee a smooth process for a successful event.

  • Complete logistics handling to the event venue and back.
  • Distribution of the cups to the various serving points on the event site.
  • Setting up a mobile storage facility on site from which supplies can be replenished during the event.
  • Return of the cups from each serving location and final deposit settlement with each individual caterer directly after the event.
  • Precise evaluation of all cup movements on site with exact recording of the number of drinks dispensed per bar location/stand operator.
  • 24-hour presence of an experienced Cup Concept service team on site.


Professional recycling for sustainable reusable cups

Reusable plastic cups are significantly more environmentally friendly and sustainable than disposable cups. Thanks to high-quality materials and professional washing, the Cup Concept reusable cups can be used several hundred times.

Once the useful life of the reusable cups has expired, we will be happy to ensure that the plastic cups are professionally recycled. We send the cups through the professional recycling process. New plastic products are made from the recyclate obtained. This is how we give your reusable cups a second life in a different form.

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