Allround Cup | The versatile reusable cup

Our Allround Cup is a versatile reusable plastic cup that can be used for numerous drinks. It is ideal for various cold drinks such as beer, soft drinks or cocktails.

The modern design with rounded edges makes the Allround Cup stable and the reusable cup fits comfortably in the hand. 

The Allround Cup is available in sizes of 0.2 l, 0.3 l and 0.4 l. Ideal for versatile use at your next event! 

Minimum order quantities:

  • Screen printing from 500 cups
  • Unprinted from 392 cups

Materials used

Polypropylene (PP) - transparent

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We can custom-print your Allround Cup on request! We offer the following printing technologies:

  • Screen printing from 500 cups

Sizes and dimensions

Sizes Ø top Ø bottom Height
0,2 l 78 mm 60 mm 90 mm
0,3 l 82 mm 60 mm 116 mm
0,4 l 86 mm 60 mm 140 mm

Advantages of the Cup Concept reusable cups

Innovative Features
Made in EU