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Cup Concept

Rinsing reusable cups
Cup Concept - Cleaning of reusable cups throughout Europe

Special, easily accessible rinsing stations guarantee a reliable reusable cup rinsing service. We can cope with events on a grand scale and rinse sustainably and hygienically with the latest technology.

Complex rinsing processes – guaranteed to be hygienic and sterile!

Each Cup Concept service station is equipped with a state-of-the-art large rinsing station with the latest rinsing technology, specially developed for cleaning plastic reusable cups. A whole range of intelligent concepts and control mechanisms optimises cleaning and hygiene performance and makes our large rinsing machines work sustainably and efficiently.

Our large-scale rinsing plants have both the highest performance in all categories and the lowest consumption rates:

  • Lowest water consumption
  • Less than 30% energy consumption
  • Less than 30% cleaner consumption
  • Lowest exhaust air emissions and temperatures
  • Significantly reduced amount of water to be dried

Comprehensive network of rinsing stations

Cup Concept operates six service stations in Germany and one in Austria, which, together with our international partners, represent an ideal cross-border network of rinsing centres. This too makes our concept consistently sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are no long transport routes from our locations:

Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich and Potsdam, Germany; Vienna, Austria;<br/> Münchenstein, Switzerland; Housen, Luxembourg. Soběslav, Czech Republic; Manchester, UK; Gdynia, Poland; Ciney, Belgium; Ålsgårde, Denmark

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  • Cleaning at the highest level
  • Perfect hygiene
  • Comprehensive network
  • Sustainable concept
  • Resource-friendly technology