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Cup Concept

Reusable cup production and printing
Cup Concept - Know-how throughout the entire production process

Made in Europe

We produce exclusively within our own company in Germany and Austria (Vorarlberg). Short production routes in the heart of Europe increase sustainability and ensure optimal logistics for the entire EU market.

For us, quality means the material and finishing quality of the cups themselves on the one hand. And on the other hand, quality means high utility for the various interest groups from beverage manufacturers, organisers and caterers to end consumers, fans or festival guests. Last but not least, we have our own requirements for our products in terms of logistics and rinsability of the cups.

Meeting all of these requirements requires a high degree of accuracy in planning and compliance with certain procedures in the production process.

Our own developments, well-designed reusable cups

We have expertise in the production of cups using the injection moulding process and printing the films for photo printing (in-mould labelling technology (IML)). Cooperation with the screen printing company belonging to our company and with experienced partners makes it possible for us to further develop our high quality standard with a lot of creativity, technical knowledge and skill in craftsmanship, as well as to pursue and implement innovative ideas.

Our reusable cups make a difference. Ask for a sample.

Well-designed cup details and outstanding performance in production and printing form the basis of a successful reusable cup product.

The right printing technology for reusable cups
We advise you on how to make your printing a success.

The right printing technique depends on different criteria and is crucial for the success of your reusable cup concept. Together with you, we check these criteria and produce the cups in the process that best fits your order. If you are not sure which printing technique is right for your order, you can send a request for proposal. We will contact you for a personal consultation.


1. Screen printing

Cup Concept screen prints deliver brilliant, intense, glossy and well-adhering print images with a long service life and a precision fit on reusable cups. The result is body screen prints of the highest technical and optical quality.

Screen printing is especially suitable for

  • Logos
  • Lettering
  • Simple, abstract designs
  • Designs with less strongly contrasting colours

Cup types: All, except SL Cup<br/> Minimum order quantity: 300 units

How screen printing works:

In the screen printing process, ink is applied to the already produced cup through a sieve, which is colour-permeable or impermeable in the appropriate places depending on the design. Different colours are printed one after the other.

For detailed information, please refer to our screen printing guideline.

2. Photo printing (in-mould labelling)

IML photo printing is a high-quality process that delivers brilliant, colourful, glossy and detailed print images in excellent photo quality, on par with paper! In the IML photo printing process, the entire surface of the cup can be printed.

This printing process is particularly suitable for

  • photographs
  • designs with a great variety of colours
  • printing the full surface area of the cup.

Cup types:
All transparent cups (material PP), except Allround Cup
Minimum order quantity:
Design Cup for 3,000 units or more, others for 5,000 or more

How photo printing works:

In CUP CONCEPT’s highly specialised production process for reusable cups, the print design is first printed flat on a plastic film. This film is then inserted into the cup’s injection mould and binds with the injected plastic material. The result is a smooth and borderless surface, which makes it impossible for liquid to seep in behind the design. This method thus meets the hygienic requirements of the food industry.

For detailed information, please refer to our photo printing guideline.

Zweigeteiltes Bild mit Detailansicht der Cup Concept Mehrwegbecher Produktion und Europa Fahne

We are backed by a globally recognised company for products in the catering sector: FRIES Kunststofftechnik GmbH.


  • Reusable cups made in Europe
  • Tested food regulation conformity
  • Innovative, award-winning design
  • Long service times
  • Always unstackable
  • Recyclable
  • High-quality screen printing
  • Scratch-proof photo printing
    (In-mould labelling)