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Cup Concept

Reusable cup logistics
Cup Concept stores, delivers, collects and rinses your reusable cups

Reusable cup logistics, introduction
Deutschlandweit verfügt Cup Concept über 6 Standorte, ein Standort in Österreich und weiteren Partnern in Europa - fordern Sie uns!


Special pool solutions for your specific needs:
After production and printing, we take care of storage, logistics, cleaning, administration and stock maintenance.


You can collect your hire cups yourself at our service stations. Or: you can use our reusable cup delivery service.
That means: We offer a reliable delivery and collection service with our own fleet and our own staff. Nationwide. 

Special services for big events
Reusable cups in XXL quantities

With the skills and know-how gained from many years of experience with the largest music festivals in the German-speaking area and mega-events such as the football World Cup and European Championships, we offer you optional services for major events.

The scope of our services is adapted to the individual requirements of your event. This guarantees a smooth procedure for a successful event.

  • Complete logistics handling to the venue and back.
  • Distribution of cups to the various serving stations at the event site.
  • Setting up a mobile warehouse on site, which can be used for refilling during the event.
  • Collection of cups from each serving location and final deposit refund with each and every caterer directly after the event.
  • Quantity-accurate evaluation of all cup movements on site with exact recording of the number of drinks dispensed per serving location/stand operator.
  • 24-hour on-site presence of an experienced Cup Concept service team.


  • Storage
  • Collection by the customer
  • Delivery and collection service
  • Nationwide