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Cup Concept

Reusable cup consulting
Cup Concept can create a customised reusable system for you.

Using reusable cups is more work than simply using disposable ones. Not for our customers, because: we’ll do it for you.

With our experience, we can implement your ideas efficiently – and lucratively. Get to know our team and let us start a win-win partnership.

Which cup type would you prefer?

We carry a wide range of reusable cups developed in-house as well as an expanded range with all sorts of special solutions. Whatever drinks you want to serve, we have the right reusable cup.

Printed cup/unprinted cup?

We can quickly and easily visualise your cup design on the cup of your choice. We can advise you which concept fits your event and plan the complete process, printing your reusable cup in-house.

Hire or purchase?

Of course, you can hire unprinted cups too. And for smaller events, there is also a suitable solution. Benefit from a ‘cup-pool solution’ printed reusable cup, ideal when using the cups for large, recurring events.

Storage and transport.

We offer a total solution consisting of the reusable cup, the design and/or printing of the cup, the complete logistics including storage, transport and even the rinsing of the cups.

Rinsing empties.

We are regularly booked for very large events and concert tours, such as AC/DC and Helene Fischer. We reliably handle transport, the disposal of damaged cups and the prompt rinsing of the returned cups. Perfect hygiene and testing for sterility in rinsing plants using the most state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology. Thanks to our extensive network of rinsing centres, there are no long transport routes.

Mehrwegbecher Beratung zu Kauf oder Miete und Bedruckung

We advise you on choosing the right product as well as the options for financing, handling and logistics – Cup Concept offers many different routes and we are happy to accompany you along the way.


  • Competent team
  • Experience
  • Personal consulting
  • Individual solutions