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Cup Concept

Benefits of our reusable cups
Consistently well-designed and specially developed

There are clear advantages for you in every area of ​​our service. We know that reusables are both profitable and sustainable at the same time. We’re not just all talk; we’ve designed our services well, down to the last detail. There are clear benefits that we would like to share with you.

Hohe Wiederverwertbarkeit von Mehrwegbechern.


Intertwining processes are ecologically very efficient.

A total solution encompassing consulting, financing, production, logistics and efficient reusable cup rinsing makes sense and saves time, money and resources.

Cup Concept Mehrwegbecher sind lebensmittelecht.

Food regulation conformity

We’re already five steps ahead when it comes to designing our services.

Tested products for maximum confidence. All of our products comply with the legal requirements of the Consumer Goods Ordinance. Declarations of conformity are available.

Cup Concept Mehrwegbecher sind generell spülmaschinenfest, hygienisch einwandfrei. Keimfrei.

Special rinsing machines

CUPs require more drying for hygienic and sterile cleaning.

In our rinsing centres, CUP CONCEPT cleans using state-of-the-art rinsing technology specially modified for rinsing and drying plastic reusable cups. Extended drying tunnel allows for complete drying of the cups.

Positive Eigenschaften von Cup Concept Kunststoffbechern.


CUP CONCEPT CUPs combine a variety of positive characteristics.

Dishwasher-safe, scratch-proof, break-proof and safe, long-lasting, dimensionally stable, always unstackable, high-quality finishing, tested quality.

Mehrwegbecher Made in Europe. Kunststoffbecher produziert in Europa.

Made in EU

Made in our own company in the heart of Europe.

The production of CUP CONCEPT reusable cups and their printing takes place in Germany and Austria (Vorarlberg). Short production routes increase sustainability.