SL Cup | The lightweight reusable cup

The SL Cup is a lightweight yet sturdy reusable cup. The lightweight plastic cup is break-resistant, printable with high-quality IML photo printing and offers optimised stacking.

The optimised design ensures that the SL Cup retains its shape. The circumferential stacking edge also serves as a filling mark, which is then even easier to recognise. The mouth roller on the upper edge of the cup ensures enjoyable drinking. The rounded bottom edge ensures that the reusable cup is stable and safe.

The lightweight reusable cup is available in 4 different sizes from 0.25 l to 0.5 l. 

Minimum quantities:

  • IML photo printing from 3,000 cups
  • Unprinted from 336 cups

Materials used

Polypropylene (PP) - transparent

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Special features of the SL Cup

Stacking edge as filling mark

Circumferential stacking edge

Stable bottom edge

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We are happy to offer you the SL Cup with customised printing. The following printing technologies are available:

  • IML photo printing from 3,000 cups

Download printing guidelines

Helpful tips for creating your own print data, as well as information about printable print image sizes:

Sizes and dimensions

Sizes Ø top Ø bottom Height
0,25 l 80 mm 65 mm 86 mm
0,3 l 80 mm 63 mm 102 mm
0,4 l 85 mm 65 mm 122 mm
0,5 l 90 mm 68 mm 137 mm

Advantages of the Cup Concept reusable cups

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