Design Cup | The versatile reusable cup

Fully customised, sustainable plastic cups

Design Cups offer excellent quality and well thought-out details. The use of high-quality polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC) makes the plastic cups scratch-resistant and durable. Compared to glass, our Design Cup plastic cups are very light, but at the same time extremely dimensionally stable. CE mark included.

Design Cups are available in 6 sizes:
0.1l | 0.2l | 0.25l | 0.3l | 0.4l | 0.5l

They are available in three versions:
Transparent | Crystal clear | Glitter 

    Order custom-printed Design Cups! For the Design Cups, printing is possible from even small quantities. The following printing technologies are available:

    • Digital printing from just 100 cups
    • Screen printing from 500 cups
    • IML photo printing from 3,000 cups
    • Unprinted from 280 cups

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    Different versions of the Design Cup

    Design Cup transparent

    The Design Cup in a transparent design is an absolute classic!

    The simple design makes the transparent cup versatile. The reusable cup is used for serving beer and soft drinks. The transparent reusable cup is made of polypropylene.

    Another advantage of the cup is that printing is possible even from a small order quantity of 140 cups.

    Design Cup crystal clear

    This design cup is as clear as crystal!

    Thanks to its polycarbonate production, the reusable cup is not only crystal clear, it is also extremely unbreakable, stacks beautifully and is lightweight.

    Design Cup glitter

    The glitter version of the Design Cup offers impressive durability.

    The glitter particles make scratches less noticeable and the cup remains ready for use even longer. 

    It also enhances the bubble effect of fizzy drinks.

    Customer reference

    Printing | Customise your reusable cup

    Digital printing from 140 cups

    • Particularly suitable for photo-realistic motifs
    • Fast deliveries
    • Cup wrap printing

    Screen printing from 500 cups

    • For vectorised logos and illustrations
    • For motifs with special colours
    • For representations with spot colours

    IML photo printing from 3,000 cups

    • For motifs with a large variety of colours
    • Extremely scratch-resistant, integrated printing
    • For high quantities

    Product data Design Cup

    Download product data

    Download printing guidelines

    Helpful tips for creating your own print data, as well as information about printable print image sizes:

    Product dimensions

    Sizes Ø top Ø bottom Height
    0,1 l 54 mm 42 mm 76 mm
    0,2 l 64 mm 51 mm 117 mm
    0,25 l 68 mm 53 mm 128 mm
    0,3 l 72 mm 56 mm 132 mm
    0,4 l 79 mm 61 mm 144 mm
    0,5 l 83 mm 62 mm 155 mm

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