Arena Cup | The stadium cup for more safety

The innovative Arena Cup® stadium cup represents a milestone in the supply of modern sports venues. With its modern and optimised design, the reusable cup ensures more safety in the stadium. 

The Arena Cup® is the only reusable plastic cup in the world that empties while still in flight, should it be thrown together with the drink. Targeted throwing and throwing over a longer distance while filled are therefore almost impossible.

Available in size 0.5 l in transparent (PP).

Minimum quantities:

  • Screen printing from 500 cups
  • IML photo printing from 3,000 cups
  • Unprinted from 252 cups

Materials used 

Polypropylene (PP) - transparent

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How the Arena Cup stadium cup works

Due to the sloping base rising towards the handle, the filled stadium cup has an uneven distribution of mass: opposite the handle, the water column is higher than on the handle side. This uneven distribution causes unstable flight behaviour and causes an angular momentum immediately after the drop, which leads to the contained liquid spilling out.

The wide "sail surface" between the handle and the cup body supports this rotational movement by being blown by the air during the flight movement. In addition, together with the handle, it enables landing on the cup side instead of on the cup bottom edge.

We received the Reusable Innovation Award from the Deutsche Umwelthilfe organisation for the design of the reusable cup for stadiums.

(1) Due to the sloping base rising towards the handle, the filled cup has an uneven distribution of mass.
(2) The surface between the handle and the cup body supports the turning movement.

Special features of the Arena Cup

Sturdy handle

Space-saving and stackable

Sloping cup base

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Product dimensions

Sizes Ø top Ø bottom Height
0,5 l 89 mm 67 mm 141 mm

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