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Cup Concept

Reusable Cup Wine Cup
Stylish enjoyment, meets safety requirements

Crystal clear and with high-quality material thickness, reusables can even be used to drink wine without sacrificing any of the enjoyment of a glass. Our reusable cup for wine, the Wine Cup, is provided with two calibration marks at 0.1 and 0.2 l.


  • Polycarbonate (PC) - crystal clear


  • Screen printing for 280 units or more

Size and dimensions

Sizes ø top ø bottom height
0.2 l 72 mm 65 mm 174 mm

Mehrwegbecher Weinkelch Detail Füllmarkierung
Mehrwegbecher Weinkelch Detail Stiehl
Mehrwegbecher Weinkelch Roséwein
Mehrwegbecher Weinkelch Weißwein

Reusable Cup Wine Cup

crystal clear


Our reusable products are manufactured with the utmost care in our own company in the heart of Europe.