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Cup Concept

Reusable Cup HOT TO GO CUP
The returnable design cup for hot beverages

Mehrwegbecher für Coffee to go

Buy HOT TO GO CUP in "Mint" or "Coffee"

From a quantity of 500 cups, we will print the HOT TO GO CUP using screen printing and from a quantity of 3,000 cups using  IML photo printing. From a quantity of 10,000 cups, we will produce your desired colour, especially for you.


  • Polypropylene (PP) - frosted
  • Polypropylene (PP) - frosted

Rent the HOT TO GO CUP in "Bordeaux"

Especially for one-time events or in case of irregular demand,  the returnable HOT TO GO CUPs are also available for rent. Or you increase your returnable inventory of purchased own cups and thus compensate demand fluctuations.

Size and dimensions

Sizes ø top ø bottom height
0.2 l 79 mm 47 mm 84 mm
0.3 l 79 mm 47 mm 113 mm

Reusable Cup HOT TO GO CUP

frosted , frosted


Deckel für Coffee to go Mehrwegbecher

Available with one-way lid or reusable lid.
Please indicate this article in case of inquiries via the configurator in the field "Messages, Questions & Requests".