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Cup Concept

Reusable Cup Design Cup transparent
The classic, used millions of times over.

Mehrwegbecher Design Cup transparent WM Party

Design CUP reusable cup, transparent

The classic! Robust, inexpensive and used millions of times over to serve beer and soft drinks.


  • Especially high-quality look and feel
  • Very dimensionally stable
  • Especially high-quality finishing
  • Rounded edges
  • Very stable
  • Can be dyed on request.

Outstanding features create trust and satisfaction among caterers and guests.

Frequently used for

  • 0.1 l shots and espresso
  • 0.2 l wine
  • 0.25 l water
  • 0.3-0.5 l soft drinks and beer


  • Polypropylene (PP) - transparent


  • Screen printing for 500 units or more
  • Photo printing for 3,000 units or more

Size and dimensions

Sizes ø top ø bottom height
0.1 l 54 mm 42 mm 76 mm
0.2 l 64 mm 51 mm 117 mm
0.25 l 68 mm 53 mm 128 mm
0.3 l 72 mm 56 mm 132 mm
0.4 l 79 mm 61 mm 144 mm
0.5 l 83 mm 62 mm 155 mm

Mehrwegbecher Design Cup transparent Detail des Becherbodens
Mehrwegbecher Design Cup transparent Detail Rand

Reusable Cup Design Cup transparent



The Design Cup is available in:<br/>  

Den Mehrwegbecher Design Cup gibt es in drei Ausführungen.

three versions

transparent, crystal clear, glitter