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Cup Concept

Reusables are important to us – and they’re important for our day and age

1:0 for Reusability (1:0 für Mehrweg) Study by Environmental Action Germany
Reusable cups are much more environmentally friendly than disposable cups made of biodegradable PLA

In some German football stadiums, mountains of discarded plastic cups pile up after the final whistle. About 12 million disposable cups are consumed annually in the first and second German professional football leagues. Biodegradable disposable cups made of polylactic acid (PLA) are increasingly being used as a supposedly environmentally friendly alternative to refillable reusable cups.

In fact, disposable cups made of PLA or other plastics have no overall environmental benefits compared to reusable cups. Even after just 5 refills, the use of reusable cups pays off compared to plastic disposable cups.

Reusable cups are resource efficient. Reusable cups are often refilled, saving valuable raw materials. Disposable cups made of PLA or other plastics waste resources because they are only used once.

Reusable cups protect the climate. Reusable cups cause significantly less CO2 emissions over their entire life cycle than disposable cups. This also applies to the comparison with PLA disposable cups, whose carbon footprint is heavily burdened by the agricultural production of the PLA raw material.

Reusable cups avoid waste. Reusable cups prevent the generation of unnecessary waste due to their frequent reuse. Disposable cups become waste as soon as they are used for the first time. They are usually not collected separately and recycled, but burned instead. This also applies to PLA cups, which are not normally composted despite the theoretical possibility.

Mehrwegbecher für eine saubere die Umwelt

Combat disposable plastic products
Banning ‘top litter items’

The European Commission has presented a legislative proposal with seven measures to reduce waste at European beaches. The main aim is to reduce the plastic waste most commonly found on European beaches: the ‘top litter items’. These are mainly disposable products such as plastic dishes, cigarette butts and balloon holders.

For the first time, the Commission proposal uses waste as an opportunity to present concrete measures against plastics in the environment at the European level. On the one hand, bans on items such as straws and plastic stirring sticks are being proposed. In addition, the Commission is placing greater emphasis on the responsibility of more

Mehrweginnovationspreis der Deutschen Umwelthilfe für den Mehrwegbecher Arena Cup.

Reusable Innovation Prize
Award for the development of the safety-optimised Arena Cup® reusable cup

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) and the Foundation for Reusable Systems (SIM) awarded the annual Reusable Innovation Prize to trend-setting developments in reusable packaging.

Cup Concept Mehrwegsysteme GmbH is among the winners, receiving the Reusable Innovation Prize for its development of the safety-optimised Arena Cup® reusable cup. 

The Arena Cup® reusable cup, already in successful use in many Bundesliga stadiums, was developed for the special requirements at major sporting events. In addition to generously rounded edges, it has the ability to empty itself in flight in a matter of seconds due to its special constructive properties. This reduces any possible risk of injury due to emotionally charged cup-throwing to a minimum.

Holi Festival Farben für Mehrwegbecher geeignet

Holi Festivals
Reusable cups and the right colour!

At ‘Holi festivals’, a coloured ‘Holi powder’ is used. And to make the event ecologically sustainable, environmentally friendly reusable cups are a must.

We can recommend ‘Mikrokonfetti’ from ‘Mach Dich Bunt’, which can be removed from our reusable cups without leaving behind any residue. There is no longer any reason to have to resort to polluting disposable cups.

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